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Fireball co*cktails are sweet and flavorful with just the right amount of cinnamon kick. Make one of these fun Fireball Cinnamon Whisky drinks any time of year, but especially when the weather cools down. These mixed drink recipes are easy to make at home and great to share with friends.

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Easy Fireball co*cktails to Try Now

Fireball drinks are delicious. Which you may or may not have tried yet. Fireball gets a bad wrap.

If Fireball was a person, it would be Brandy from Real Housewives of Dallas. She’s a little crass, a little sassy and not for everyone. But she can also be sweet and when in a good mood, she fits right in no matter who she is with.

What is Fireball? Fireball is a brand of cinnamon whisky. It’s 33 % alcohol and is pumped with sugar.

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co*cktails with Fireball Whisky are full of flavor and sweetness at the same time. The cinnamon whisky reminds me of those red hot candies. And I don’t hate those.

While I typically don’t suggest specialty bottles of liquor (I like a nice, basic bar), there are many Fireball recipes that you can make aside from mixed drinks.

Like Fireball Pumpkin Pie and Fireball Cupcakes. Trust me. You want to taste these.

Easy Fireball Drinks

Looking for Fireball mixed drinks? Here is a list of easy Fireball co*cktails to make at home right now. Cinnamon Whisky is a delicious ingredient to use in all kinds of yummy drinks!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (2)

Fireball Apple Cider Sangria

Photo Credit:www.3yummytummies.com

Apple Cider, Pinot Grigio and a little Fireball create a delicious sangria that is perfect to share with friends.

Ingredients: apples, apple cider, Pinot Grigio, Fireball, cinnamon sticks, ginger ale


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (3)

Fireball Old Fashioned Recipe

Photo Credit:www.allnaturalandgood.com

Boozy and flavorful, the cinnamon twist on a classic co*cktail is a fun way to mix things up.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (4)

Fireball Mule Recipe

Grab that copper mug and make a sweet cinnamon co*cktail! A Fireball Mule is easy to make and delicious to drink.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (5)

S'mores Martini

Photo Credit:amandascookin.com

With 4 ingredients you can create a co*cktail recipe that tastes like one of your favorite desserts.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (6)

Fireball Caramel Apple Floats

Photo Credit:carefreemermaid.com

YUM! A boozy float is a great drink to make with Fireball. The creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce are crave-worthy!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (7)

Blackberry Fireball Whiskey Fizz

Photo Credit:champagneandcoconuts.com

Fresh blackberries are a great addition to a sweet co*cktail with Fireball and Ginger Ale.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (8)

Cinnamon Gingerbread Eggnog

Photo Credit:champagneandcoconuts.com

This drink tastes like Christmas! If you're an eggnog fan you need to add a little Fireball. It's just the kick you were looking for!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (9)

Apple Cider co*cktail Recipe

Photo Credit:www.chiselandfork.com

Apple is a perfect pairing for Fireball and is totally tasty in this Fireball drink that also has a bit of rum.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (10)

Fireball and Ginger Ale

Sweet and spicy, this 2-ingredient Fireball and Ginger Ale co*cktail recipe is quick and easy. The Cinnamon Whiskey brings the heat to everyone's favorite co*cktail mixer.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (11)

Apple Pie Cinnamon co*cktail

Photo Credit:www.cookingonthefrontburners.com

If you're a fan of apple pie, give this tasty co*cktail a try! Best of all it can be served hot or cold!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (12)

Fireball Punch

Photo Credit:www.delicioustable.com

Need drinks for a crowd? Make this Fireball Punch! With floating fruit and fall flavors, this recipe is one you can make into a tradition.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (13)

Apple Cider Fireball Slushie co*cktail

Photo Credit:www.gogogogourmet.com

A spiked slushie? Yes, please! This one would be extra refreshing when the weather starts to turn warm.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (14)

Fireball Whiskey Punch Recipe

Photo Credit:www.simplejoy.com

Just 3 ingredients, this punch is sweet and perfect for a crowd! This would be a great one for people are afraid of whiskey! The cinnamon flavor will be perfect for them!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (15)

Fireball Eggnog Recipe {With a Twist!}

Photo Credit:spillingtequila.com

Another eggnog drink, this one adds some orange flavor which is a fantastic compliment to the Fireball.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (16)

The Cinnamon Frosty

Photo Credit:spillingtequila.com

If you haven't tried Rum Chata, you NEED to! It's a super tasty way to create co*cktails that you will dream about. When paired with Fireball, it's even better!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (17)

Cinnamon VanillaBlack Russian

Photo Credit:sugarspiceandglitter.com

Vanilla vodka and cinnamon whisky are a fun twist on an old favorite!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (18)

Fireball and Amaretto co*cktail

Photo Credit:sugarspiceandglitter.com

Dr. Pepper lover? You need to try this fun co*cktail idea where the flavors mix to create a soda flavor you'll love.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (19)


Photo Credit:www.thecountrycook.net

Another Mule recipe, this one adds caramel flavored vodka to the apple cider and Fireball to create magic in a glass.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (20)

Cranberry Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

Photo Credit:www.theredheadbaker.com

I love a spiced cranberry co*cktail and adding Fireball is a great, quick way to add that spicy flavor!


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (21)

Spicy Spiked Strawberry Lemonade

Photo Credit:thesoccermomblog.com

A strawberry lemonade co*cktail is never a bad idea but adding Fireball to it is a fun surprise.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (22)

Fireball Orange Sweet Tea

Photo Credit:thetoastykitchen.com

Spike your sweet tea and add a little orange and you've got a tasty and refreshing drink recipe.


22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (23)

Ginger Orange Spice co*cktail

Photo Credit:thetoastykitchen.com

Make this three-ingredient co*cktail that is full of flavor and super quick and easy.


If you don’t want to buy a full bottle (I think it comes in a few sizes), you could always buy a mini-bar size to try out first.

If you don’t like strong co*cktails, just lessen the amount of alcohol you use. For example, if it calls for 2 ounces of whiskey, start with 1 ounce and taste to make sure it’s balanced with the other flavors.

You may lose a little of the cinnamon flavor in this instance, but I always like to make sure you know you modify your co*cktail recipes to suit your tastes and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fireball bad for you?

There was an incident with ingredients, years ago, in another country, that kind of wasn’t great. It’s been fixed and was not something that happened here. And, like anything, moderation is best.

The issue with Fireball is that all that sugar makes it really easy to drink. Which means you may drink more than you set out to. And sugary drinks often create mega hangovers… so use caution (as always). Also, here’smy favorite hangover supplementjust in case…

What’s the best way to drink Fireball?

Shots, shots, shots. Just kidding. But it is very popular to take Fireball shots. And because it’s sweet, they are way easier to drink than standard whisky.

You can also sip it over a little ice on its own. But I think co*cktails with Fireball are also delicious!

What mixes well with Fireball?

Fireball is versatile. While it does have a cinnamon flavor, it can pretty much be used in place of whisky in any recipe where you would naturally find cinnamon. And you can always mix it with a little cola to keep things easy.
As you will see from this list of Fireball mixed drink ideas, there are all types of mixed drinks where Fireball fits right in.

Pin to save these Fireball co*cktails for later.

More easy Fireball co*cktail recipes

  • A quick and spicy Fireball and Dr. Pepper is a must-try!
  • If you love the classic holiday drink, you’ll love this spicy Fireball Eggnog recipe.
  • With fresh citrus, this Fireball Sour is refreshing and totally delicious.
  • This Fireball Mule is totally tasty and has a great kick of cinnamon flavor.
  • Fireball Old Fashioned is a cinnamon-y twist on the classic whisky co*cktail.

More easy mixed drink recipes

  • Moscow Mule Variations – These easy co*cktails are quick to make and can be made with all types of flavors with a wide variety or liquors!
  • Vodka Recipes – Looking for a variety of drinks to make that use vodka? I’ve got a bunch! From classic to fruity, there’s something for you!
  • Wine co*cktails – As a wine lover, I love to add it to co*cktail recipes for a fun and flavorful twist.
  • And you can never go wrong with a super simple Vodka and co*ke!
22 Easy Fireball co*cktail Recipes (2024)


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