'I tried a robot cat litter tray and I can honestly say it has been life-changing' - Netmums (2024)

Is a robot cat litter tray the next big thing? Netmums' Charlie Bond puts the Whisker Litter-Robot 4 to the test

As anyone with indoor cats – or cats who use a litter tray will know – emptying the tray is one of the worst household chores.

I have two indoor cats, and every night my husband and I say ‘has the cat litter been done?’ and one of us begrudgingly takes the litter tray outside to empty it.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy being pregnant but one thing that was great was not having to scoop cat poop for several months. That’s because cats can carry the toxoplasmosis parasite in their poo and it can be serious if you’re pregnant.

However, now there are cat litter robots on the market. The self-emptying gadgets mean there’s no more scooping (very handy if you’re pregnant), and they do everything from odour control to monitoring your pet’s weight. Yes, really.

When I was offered the chance to try a Whisker Litter Robot 4, I couldn’t wait. Could this be the end of the 10pm ‘whose turn is it to do the cat litter’ daily argument?

Here’s how I got on with my robot cat litter tray…

The set up

The Whisker Litter Robot 4 arrived in a huge box. Like, the size of a washing machine big. Mild panic set in. Where was I going to put this thing?

Thankfully the robot litter tray inside wasn’t quite as big as the box, but it is still pretty large. It’s got a large round top part which makes slotting it in somewhere a bit tricky. Unfortunately I have a small house, so this proved difficult.

Eventually I managed to wedge it in beside the fridge, but it certainly wasn’t an easy feat. So, my first tip is this – make sure you have the space for one of these before you commit.

After that though, the set up of the robot cat litter tray was pretty straightforward. You need to place it near a plug socket to connect it. Then, there’s an app you download and you also connect the robot to your wifi and then you’re all good to go.

On the app you can add each pet’s details including its weight. The robot then uses this info to detect which pet’s using the litter tray and it can build out a profile about them.

How it works

I did liken the robot litter tray to a washing machine, but the way it does its cycles is actually not too dissimilar.

Inside, there’s a rotating section so when your cat’s used it, it turns round, sifting the litter as it goes. The waste drops down into a tray beneath, and then when that gets full (which takes ages) there’s a plastic tray liner that you just pull out and throw away. So no scooping and virtually no mess.

The litter robot even has a light on it so cats can see what they’re doing in the dark.

You have to use clumping cat litter with the robot, but most varieties will work.

'I tried a robot cat litter tray and I can honestly say it has been life-changing' - Netmums (1)

Whisker Litter-Robot 4, £749

Available in black or white, this gadget features automatic self-cleaning technology and over a million have been sold worldwide.

Whisker says:

‘Stop scooping cat litter, neutralise odours, and give your cat a clean litter bed every time with Litter-Robot 4, the highest-rated automatic litter box on the market.

‘Elegantly designed to maximise comfort for kittens and large cats alike, Litter-Robot 4 features cutting-edge litter-sifting technology that separates your cat’s waste from the clean litter after each use.

‘Reduce litter tracking, and monitor litter and waste levels in real-time with the Whisker app. Stay on top of your cat’s health with smart insights about your cat’s weight and litter usage.’

  • Never scoop again®
  • Drastically reduce litter tray odours
  • Monitor litter tray usage right from your phone
  • Best litter tray for multiple cats: one supports up to 4 cats
  • Includes a fence, step, and carbon filter

'I tried a robot cat litter tray and I can honestly say it has been life-changing' - Netmums (2)

Photo credit : Charlie Bond

What I loved

My cats took to using the robot litter tray straight away, in part thanks to how quiet it is. I was worried that I’d come down the next morning to find accidents on the floor but thankfully they both got to grips with it quickly.

The app kept me informed with which cat had used it and when, and updated me when litter levels were low.

One thing I don’t like about traditional litter trays is the smell, but with the robot that issue’s gone because as soon as the cat’s used it, it empties itself. I was really impressed with the odour control and how effective it was.

I also loved how little mess there was – when we had our old litter tray in the kitchen, I’d be forever hoovering up little bits of cat litter that had been scattered everywhere, but the robot litter tray keeps it all contained thanks to its shape. Overall, it just made my whole house feel cleaner and fresher which was an added bonus.

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What could be improved?

Overall this is a genius bit of kit that honestly makes life *so* much easier.

However, I found it to be a bit bulky and imposing (mostly down to my small house problems) so I think a more streamlined design would benefit people short on space.

The app is really handy but it does give you a lot of updates, so make sure to turn those off if you don’t want to know every time it’s completed a cleaning cycle.

At £749 it’s not a cheap gadget so that’s another consideration, although it does come with a two year warranty.

My verdict

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the Litter-Robot 4. I can see why it’s rated as one of the best on the market – it works really well and certainly makes life a lot easier. It’s also a great thing to use when you go away, because you don’t have to ask someone else to come over and empty the cat litter for you.

I’m loving not having to factor poop scooping into my daily tasks. In that respect, this robot is life changing.

Despite its size, I still reckon it’s a worthwhile investment. And, it’s one that certainly gets used more than that juicer I bought that’s still at the back of the cupboard…

'I tried a robot cat litter tray and I can honestly say it has been life-changing' - Netmums (2024)


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