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2 years ago, laceecay

I can keep my floors clean!

We have a fairly large main floor and 4 dogs, so as you can imagine, it’s a nightmare keeping up with the cleaning. We live on a few acres so the dogs have the dream life outside with as much playtime as they want, which means they bring in so much dirt! The roomba has made a huge difference with helping me keep up with sweeping up the dirt!! There are so many features to help you personalize or organize or prioritize where you want cleaned. It’s a learning roomba so it modifies it’s cleaning every time it cleans, which is super nice. One thing I would recommend is to allow roomba to send you notifications to your smart phone (everything will already be on your smart phone in the app) because if it gets stuck or needs cleaning it will send a notification or the message will be there when you open the app next. However, if you don’t see it, or hear the noise that the roomba makes when needing assistance, it will sit until you help it. This isn’t very often since it learns where to go and you will catch on to when it needs cleaning or when to empty the base. The only other con I can think of is that it doesn’t do a “fantastic” job on our Type of throw carpet, that being said, it does a decent job and really does know how to get itself unstuck etc. We just prefer a deeper vacuuming on our carpet which we use our other vaccum for, but all in all, it does a fantastic job. Definitely get this roomba if you have pets or kids that create a mess!!

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1 year ago, Slave to floor


My robot mop has changed my life! My floors show everything! Wearing socks instead of shoes is so bad! It shows footprints galore! I’ve been a slave to my floors and so depressed that we spent so much money on them! I tried figuring out how I could afford a maid to just come once a day and mop them for me. I even made a new rule of everyone keeping shoes on! Do you know how hard that is when your kids are trained to take shoes off when they come inside! Impossible! Then my sister told me about this robot mop at Christmas, and I thought why not try it, $300 mop vs a new $15K floor can’t hurt to try. I do a quick vacuum in the morning and then hit a button on my phone and then magic happens! My mop cleans so well on my mat finish LVP floor. It took some time programming my favorite settings, but once I figured out my favorite it’s so easy! I love my floors! And even though they look like a mess the next day, it doesn’t matter, because you can mop everyday if you want! Sorry, you can let the robot mop everyday! Ha! I’ve had this mop 2 months and I’ve only mopped my floors myself 2 times. Once a month to get places the mop can’t get and to scrub my baseboards is completely reasonable! Worth every penny! I’m a big believer in having the right tools for the job. This mop is perfect for flat mat finish floors. You want to make sure your floors are vacuumed well first. Turn on a few lights or open windows. Then let it do it’s thing! Magic!

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3 years ago, Marleyboyy

Big Roo Gets Through

I’ve been using my Roomba i7+ for some time now, and I’m thoroughly satisfied. Even with some of its quirks (it’ll miss certain areas within a specific cleaning map and often will clean areas outside of a specific cleaning map + add that area to the cleaning map without being told to do so, it’s also quite a bit nosier than I anticipated, but we’ve gotten used to it at this point), I still think it deserves 5 stars. I have wood floors and a husky mix who sheds quite a bit. The dust and hair build up can get outta hand quick. We swifter daily but went a stint without running the Roomba and it was all too clear the significant difference it makes. We were constantly tracking dust and hair on our socks or house shoes, with Roomba, that doesn’t happen. The device deftly maneuvers around corners and against the edges of furniture. It will run over cords every now and again, but for the most part, doesn’t get tangled up in them. I’ve only ever had a couple of clogs, which were quickly and conveniently resolved. I haven’t used the schedule features because I prefer to be around when it’s running, just to be aware in case it runs into something. But if you’re the type who generally has an open space and remember to put things up, you could certainly take advantage of that feature. All in all, there are still at least a few improvements to be made, but for what it is, I’m happy with it!

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2 years ago, jennifer48346

Must have if you have pets!

A friend of mine recommended the iRobot to me because of my busy lifestyle and because she said it was a must have when you have pets. However, before going with the iRobot, I tried a cheaper knock off brand to try to save money. I have more than 1 cat so I am sure you can imagine how much hair and litter dust spreads around the house! I was sweeping and vacuuming twice a day. But the knock off didn’t clean well even though it had more brushes, it didn’t recognize stairs so I had to put up a baby gate each time I wanted to vacuum, and I had to empty the bin myself which ended up getting dust and dirt all over the place so it defeated the purpose of the vacuum. Then it broke after only 4 months, just passed the point where I could return it! I finally broke down and bought the iRobot. Now I don’t have to do anything up set up a schedule for cleaning and iRobot does the rest! Instead of constantly cleaning, now I can spend time doing things I enjoy. Best investment I have ever made hands down! The only downside is that I cannot pick it up and bring it upstairs to clean up there as well. I tried and it got confused. Therefore, I will have to invest in one for each floor. However, it is definitely worth it! My friend was right, the iRobot is a must have when you have pets! My house had never looked better on a daily basis!

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2 months ago, Mikisa95687

Cleans well but mapping poor

We have had our iRobot for a few years now. It cleans well and it’s fantastic that it can get under the beds and furniture that otherwise would be difficult to vacuum, but the mapping leaves a lot to be desired. I remapped a few times on my own because it was changing room dividers on its own, making weird angles changing rooms and trying to fix it totally mess up the maps. My most recent remapping was three months ago with the assistance customer service. I’d done the same things I’ve done before deleting the old maps and sending the iRobot out everywhere in the house to create a new map. As before, it worked perfectly for the first several weeks, was in the area the app said it was vacuuming and did not travel to the wrong areas, but after that it started going in the wrong rooms. The app would say it was vacuuming a bedroom but it was actually in the family room, or in another bedroom it will travel a distance of about 35 feet to the kitchen (common wall with bedroom) and vacuum there indicating on the app it was in the bedroom, has the same problem in a walk-in closet where it will travel from the closet, thru a bathroom then thru a bedroom, around a corner and 15 feet down a hallway to get to an area to vacuum. There are a few doors I have to close now (did not have to at first because the mapping was perfect for a short time) so the iRobot doesn’t go in the wrong room. It seems it must be updates the have affected the maps.

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5 months ago, Tongatim

Remarkable machine, great customer service

This is a technological marvel that actually makes life easier. We have 2 dogs and a 2500 sq. ft. house. Without Roomba, I would need to vacuum every other day. When the i7 is working, it does a great job of vacuuming between the monthly housekeeping services. It heads out each morning on the schedule I have set, recharges and empties the bin as needed until the job is done. If during the week I notice an area that is particularly dirty, I pull out my phone and tell it to clean that area…. much easier than pulling out the vacuum cleaner. It is amazingly good at mapping the rooms, maneuvering, and getting itself unstuck from tight spaces, cords, and obstacles. In the 3 years I’ve had this model, it has quit functioning properly twice. However, iRobot customer service is easy to access by phone, and the service reps are outstanding. They guide you through diagnostics and fixes. When once this didn’t solve the problem, they sent me a shipping carton to send the robot in for service, eventually replacing the robot. So, I’m giving the robot 5 stars for its incredible usefulness when it’s working, deduct 2 stars for the times when it has quit functioning properly, and add back 2 stars for the outstanding customer service.

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1 year ago, Doityourselfer543

Better than years ago but tweaks needed.

This i6 is worlds away from the one I had 10 years ago. After two mapping runs I am seriously impressed on the precision this unit can be programmed for on the smart map. That said, I was surprise/irritated that even with the advanced mapping, that it still requires light to complete a cleaning cycle, or it errors out. Obviously, the most convenient time to clean my common areas is overnight and leaving my house lit up for this is undesirable. Also, given the detail of the smart map, being able to see the actual location of the robot on that smart map in real time seems a worthy integration. If I am running a cleaning cycle from away from my home or even in the other room, it’d be nice to see where it is in the cycle. Having the green “done” area populate on the smart map as the unit covers that ground would be a great feature that relays quality info. Also, being able to manually steer the robot with an integrated in-app directional pad, even if only on local wifi control, is something even lower brands already offer. Directing it to a new room to learn, or driving it to my seat on the couch for some maintenance, etc... this in-app feature is a must. Forward, left, right, backwards... easy peasy. I’m impressed but for the cost... some additional programming would take this thing to that next level.

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1 year ago, aschalfa

Best gift ever!

I absolutely LOVE my Roomba. I tried MANY other robotic vacuums in an effort to “not spend that much on a vacuum,” but I ended up hating every one of them and returning them. My husband finally decided I was getting a Roomba if I was buying another robot vacuum. He ordered it for me without me knowing, and I can honestly say it’s one of my best gifts ever. He hates it but I love it. Here are the reasons I gave it 4 stars instead of 5… 1) It is loud/pretty noisy when it’s running, 2) I do find that I need to pick up a decent amount of stuff in order to make sure it does a good job, 3) It bumps into everything, sometimes pretty hard, even though the smart map is correct and nothing has been moved or changed, and 4) I do find that sometimes it will look like it didn’t actually vacuum in certain areas. I follow the maintenance plan, I replace the parts, and I clean it regularly, so I do everything I’m supposed to do and I still find that it doesn’t always do what it should but overall… I’m OK with that because of all the times that it DOES do exactly what it should. I’m actually getting my reminder now that it’s time to replace my filters, but with the replacement part purchase options (packs of two or three for most items) it makes the most sense to just buy the kit/bundle that comes with filters, round edge brush, and main sweeping roller.

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1 year ago, S. Dore'

Robbie the Roomba Robot

I absolutely love this Roomba. I never thought I would, until my neighbor brought hers over for me to try. I can’t say enough good things about Roomba, except for programming it. I finally figured out a way that works for me; therefore it’s a keeper. I’m 82 and have a lot of arthritis. I’ve always used a Hoover upright. I know that keeping a carpet clean in secret to the carpets’ appearance and long life. I didn’t think a Roomba would do anywhere as good of a job as my Hoover upright, or a Dyson would. When I started using the Roomba I was shocked at the amount of debris that would be removed from my wall to wall carpeted house. I have a 70 lb. Dog. Roomba is so easy to use and makes my carpet look so nice (I like long straight lines) I use Roomba approximately 5 days per week. Because my Hoover is so much work, I did not vacuum that often with my Hoover. I’ve figured out a way to program my Roomba which works for me. Programming a Roomba can be a challenge. It is for that reason I gave 4 Stars rather than 5. I know several people who have given away their Roomba’s due to the programming challenges. Now that I’ve finally found something that works for me; I’m ecstatic. I did purchase several extra blocking devices to control where the Roomba goes/or not. I also found starting the Roomba with my cell phone program works best for me. S. Dore’

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2 years ago, Maicon Tavares

Great product

It’s a must have for pet owners The j7 plus and the brava jet m6 has been saving my life I have 2 Siberian husky’s that shad everywhere every day and as me and my wife are cleaning freaks I don’t know how we could continue to handle the Huskys with the j7 and the m6 it’s does a very good job I’m impressed on how much it clean the I think still room for improvement especially in the m6 because has been around 3 years that come out and that transition thing if you have wood flooring with transition like a T mold the mop won’t go over it and if it does probably is going to get stuck my house the main area is tile but the bedrooms are wood flooring and I can’t map the entire house because of this with the m6 but if you have a floor without transition it’s great I recommend but if you have a lot transition in your house unless it’s e very low profile transition don’t buy the m6 because you will regret but the j7 it’s a piece of cake goes everywhere it map my entire house and does an amazing job for hard floors for carpet I’m not sure because my house I only have hard floor there is a fewer rugs here and there and the low profile rugs does an amazing job if you have the very thick rug is not going to work on that I know because a had the thick one on my living room and I had to get rid of it but for mostly i think it’s a must have

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1 year ago, rngunner1

Best tool for housecleaning ever.

I was skeptical at first. Did not think a round vacuum could take care of square corners. I am so shocked and happy to see that these incredible brushes pull all stuff from along baseboards and corners into the vacuum pick up path. It does such a great job. I love my “HAZEL!” She is such a blessing. My floors are cleaned more often now and a better job is done. I am extremely pleased knowing that Hazel goes exactly where she is supposed to. For she “maps” out your whole house route and it’s kept in memory. Plus I have her attached to my Alexa device. This is the coolest thing. I don’t mind vacuuming anymore. Lol. Since all I have to do is ask Alexa Tell Hazel to clean. Initially I watched the entire route she did. She didn’t leave anything untouched that was able to be vacuumed. Also. This awesome iRobot can get UNDER furniture and it’s cleaned now more than ever !!! Everything just smells way better. Less dust. Less crap on floor. I am in Heaven with my iRobot. We got the one that empties itself. Oh my gosh. I love it. Just love it. If I had it to do over. I’d buy it again. Thank you iRobot. My mother-in-law has one. It’s not an iRobot. It does not do as good at all. This is the real thing. Love my iRobot. Rancho Cucamonga iRobot fan all the way !!

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5 years ago, William431

Not bad but needs update badly

I can only justify 4 stars for this begin with,there is a definite problem with part of the WiFi connection...I have an IPhone XS Max running iOS 12..I also have the newest Roomba I7 +... this is a very expensive unit and one should expect a flawless app to go with it! The unit will connect with your home network and will function as it’s supposed to...but when you use the “locate” function says “this function does not work unless your Roomba is on the same network “..I have tried deleting the unit from my network and re-installing it but always with the same result! Also... the next problem is with the mapping takes at least 2 full training runs to map my apartment and then I can name the rooms etc.. I can tell it to clean one room and it will work once! Then all I get from that point on is the maps will reappear in a grayed out form and you will not be able to select any room at all for the unit to can edit,rename, and save a new configuration but you still can’t tell it to clean any of the rooms! This all tells me that the app is flawed! I’ve also read many of these reviews and others have the same problem as me! Again...when one pays this much for a Roomba one would expect these problems would be solved! Please update this app to work on all smartphones!

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1 year ago, woody5575

Not ready for prime time (it turns out that it really is!)

I just got a Roomba, and set it up last night. The vacuum seems to work well, but the app needs word. It could be me, but there are no instructions to help me use it. I did a “mapping” run, fine tuned the room definitions, and labeled them. Seems fairly straightforward, except it’s confused about which room is which tell it to clean the kitchen, and it will clean the family room tell it to clean the family room and it will clean the family room. I can find no way to fix it except go possibly a remap. I made a couple of favorites using the room names and of course since they don’t seem to be working, the favorites don’t work. I can’t remove them and start over. To me, it’s just not ready. It needs attention. Update: I have figured out. I think the issue I had with room names was simply that it didn’t update fast enough. All of the rooms are properly named, and I can send the robot wherever I want it to vacuum. I was too impatient. “Favorites” are useful when you want to specific rooms (1 or more) outside of the schedule. I had a bit of a problem finding out how to delete favorites, but I figured it out. My only suggestion would be to either include better app documentation, or make the app more intuitive.

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3 years ago, Bvaro

Absolutely love this robot

My wife and I are hardly home and vacuuming is the last thing we have in our minds when we get home! We have a cat and she makes quite a mess from her litter box and tends to shed quite a bit of fur. After watching numerous reviews about the roomba I decided to pull the plug and buy one. I went with the i7+ for a few reasons. I wanted the the emptying base. And I also wanted the smart mapping. It has mapped my entire apartment minus the bathroom which we are still working on it to recognize the bathroom. We’ve already set areas for it to clean. I picks up all of my cats fur off the floor. And it has cleaned all around the litter box! It’s not meant to replace your normal vacuum but to lessen the amount of times you do vacuum. I don’t have a set schedule for it due to having pets so in the event my cat misses the litter box I don’t have the roomba going and dragging it around the house. Over the winter it picked up any road salt that our shoes brought into the house! All in all, it was worth the money! I do wish we could have a little fun with it. Maybe have the app have a “game” mode where you can control it like a remote controlled car and drive it around the house while it cleans? That would actually be pretty cool to do!

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2 years ago, Flsoccerkid93

Roomba + Braava M6

We have an older roomba and the new M6. The roomba is a tank. It will do its best not to run into things but it really only works against walls. With that being said, I love our roomba. It is a necessity. When we leave the house, we prep the area and it goes around and around. People have said “well why have a robot if you have to still do prep work”. Well, it gets into the knocks and crannies that you do not typically get with a vacuum. When I start vacuuming, I try to finish vacuuming asap which leads to missed areas. The roomba doesn’t care. It’ll do the job. I will say, it is SO worth to get a roomba that has mapping. If this review has one thing you take away, get the mapping software equipped ones. It makes things just easier. My M6 has it and I absolute love it. It knows where to go and I can tell it to go mop where I need it to. With that said, iRobot needs to improve the user’s mapping experience. It’s difficult to draw a line in a room. Like I can’t split a room without it going from one end of the map to the other and sometimes that messed with how I design my map. It needs better functionality. 10/10 buy the robots, and buy the mapping ones.

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11 months ago, Lil💁🏻

A must for busy moms

One less thing to add to my planner, I never looked forward to sweeping, with four kids, it's a matter of hours before it needs to be done again. It's pricey, but it has saved me so much time I schedule it to clean early in the morning so when I wake up, it's clean! It also goes around shoes left in the floor, I don't have to worry it will absorb the laces. I've found that sometimes she does get stuck over climbing over the high chair legs, my toddler will wake up in the morning and say "oh no Bella, are you okay" and he helps her to her home. (Yes she's our pet) It is a bit loud, I just scheduled it to clean when I'm not in the area. It's great! It sends pictures of items or wires and you can select to block that certain area or ignore it since it's just a temporary item that can get picked up. This is my first roomba, I'd love to see how the mop works in sync with the vacuum, no mopping?!!!!! Oh gosh! Maybe later. Oh I almost forgot. I named mine Bella, I set it up with Alexa and now i just ask Alexa to have Bella clean a certain area and she heads on over there, that's my favorite part. Purchase extra filters and bags because you will need to replace often. It helps just having them handy. If you find a sale buy several of them.

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5 months ago, roombalife

What an amazing machine

I have been using Roomba 900 series for about 3 years. Wow my cleaning life has changed. I spend a little time picking up toys and odds and ends and let Roomba go from there. Drifting dust bunnies or dog hair from under the couch is now a thing of the past! I have found I prefer to have her vacuum smaller spaces so that it is nearly complete within a single charge. So while the main spaces run a bit longer, I will weekly place her in bedrooms and shut the door 15 min and done. This way the cleaning/charging cycle doesn’t take all day. I have started to see where our long hair winds up under the rotating arm more now than it used too but it’s motor is still going strong. I am a little disappointed that although iRobot used our data to create the zone system for the newer robots they didn’t update our app system on the older versions to do this as they implied when I consented to them using our mapping data in the beginning. Now after years of bumping into things she has a little trouble fully returning home to charge but this is intermittent. New rollers were a must after about 2.5 years , and after a while of emptying the bin in out trash can the bottom is slightly cracked but still functional for now. No problems with much of anything else.

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3 years ago, madmactx

Makes dog ownership much cleaner

I love dogs, but the amount of stuff they bring in from the yard is horrifying! Grass, twigs, leaves, bugs and dirt seem to be magically transported from the yard to the house on a constant basis. I used to vacuum every other day and couldn’t keep up. But now that we have Rosie, that problem is under control. She industriously vacuums night and day to keep the house clean. It really is a profound difference in cleanliness. It’s not perfect, but it is a major leap forward. Complaints are minor: the map she created of our house looks like it was done by a drunken blind man. Setting exclusion zones works, but is not very accurate. She sometimes gets lost, crashes and burns when trying to dock, or closes a door behind her and gets locked in a room. And she is noisy. But overall, she makes life around here easier, so she is a welcome addition. With regard specifically to the app, it works well and communicates consistently. I would like more control over the map, such as editing it to correct errors. And the different cleaning zones should have a “clean now” button so you can run them as needed. Why set up multiple favorites to duplicate all those areas when a simple button push could do it instead?

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9 months ago, Sdog4127

Best (noisy) buddy

I’ve got two of these little guys, Ira (880) and Dora (980). They are great little helpers. In trying to justify a reason to buy another model so i have one on each floor… Dora (980) is quite a bit noisier, but she is much more intelligent and much more powerful than my 880, so really have no need for a standard vacuum. The iRobot app is excellent. Best part is I can run Dora (the noisy one) at any time, from anywhere, and can program her to run only when I leave my home so the noise is a non-issue. The mapping is great so I know where it has cleaned and for how long. iRobot makes the best robot vacuums. They are modular so I can keep spare wear parts on hand and most all parts are interchangeable with my 2 bots. My 880 is 8 years old and my 980 is 3 years old. No problems except a couple changes of brush rollers, new tires (I actuall wore them bald on my older unit) and of course I keep many spare air filters on hand that I wash out and re-use. ROOMBA is worth every dollar! Thank you iRobot for continued parts support for all models and it has created a robust aftermarket for cheap parts if you are in a pinch! But the iRobot original parts are top notch and last years. Thank you!

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2 years ago, h2ocello

Very good app, great product

Setup of the Roomba was super easy with the app. For non-tech types they might want a little more in the way of help screens - and perhaps gentle walk throughs for the first few weeks of using it. Just know it works and doesn’t need much help from you once rooms are set up - minus occasional tweaks you may want to add. Roomba doesn’t always do exactly what it’s supposed to do. I’m assuming the problem is something between the AI of it and the app. But who cares? It works great, even with the occasional hiccup. It’s easy to send feedback through the app for any problems you encounter. Our 20-plus year old Hoover’s handle literally snapped in half last year. As much as I love tech stuff I thought a Roomba wouldn’t work well, especially with our two short hair but high shed dogs. I was wrong. Our house is cleaner than ever, the dogs are fine with it after some quick training (had a pocket full of treats when Roomba did its setup run - whenever the dogs got agitated about it I’d stand astride Roomba, call them to me and hand them a treat - worked like a charm). Buy a Roomba, slap 2 googly eyes on it, help it through the setup, and you’ll be set.

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5 years ago, Alf!

Wish the care & maintenance was better integrated

Love that I can use the app to adjust maps and cleaning areas and start/stop my roomba. But as someone who’s terrible about maintenance, I wish the app did more to remind me of those things. There’s a notification center in the app, and for as long as I’ve used the app there’s never beenANYTHING in there. But today I was just randomly looking through the help section and come across something labeled “care and maintenance” and opening it I find there are all these tasks which are apparently overdue. Why would that be in the Notification Center? What’s t Notification Center for if not that kind of stiff? Instead I guess I have to regularly go to the help section, then go to the “care and main.” section, THEN see what tasks are needed or coming up. And seemingly no notification for filter needing to be replaced. And I know I know, I could just task myself with those duties and not depend on the app. I just don’t understand WHY the app wouldn’t notify me about those things. It’s clearly tracking the robots use, as well as some cleaning needs, so why not just throw in reminders instead of making me dig around the app to find them (or in the case of filters not have them at all)? I’m spoiled by technology, so come on roomba, spoil me a little more with some reminders!

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2 years ago, D. Sandwich

Bad Mapping

The app works pretty well overall , but when I first got my vac I went out of my way to make a perfect map. Then after a month my vac had an error and the app suggested that I reset it. When I did I lost my map. Then when I tried again to create a good map, the vac saved a junk version with the vac always trying to drive through the walls and not able to find the doors. I attempted to erase the map and start again but unfortunately no matter how many resets I do, or map deletions, this map finds a way to come back. I have had to put keep out zones in my walls, and still the robot attempts to return home by going into the bedroom and through the wall into the dining room instead of using the hallway. My big issue is that once it saves a map, there isn’t any way to adjust it. There is an “update map” button but it doesn’t do anything. I want to correct the map by hand and have the robot verify and scale it perfectly, but without any input options, you are at the mercy of a dumb bot. Update: same issues as above even though they have gone through many software updates. On top of these though now it has newish features that just don’t work well, like scheduling the vac to clean every time I leave the house and it never does it.

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1 year ago, Darylmail

Vacuuming and mopping robota

I live in a 2000 square-foot two-story home. Their are two humans and two cats living with us. I have the vacuuming robot vacuum most of the heavy used places daily. After I have the mop mop the kitchen and the hallway in the bathroom daily after vacuuming. Twice a week I have a heavy vacuum the whole downstairs does not get stuck or have any problems, the mop only problem is it cannot find the base again and sometimes besides that everything mops is great. Once a week I move the base on my vacuum upstairs and have it back in the hole upstairs. Besides if I miss something on the floor it has no problems with the upstairs. After today and vacuuming I move the robot mop into both bathrooms with the doors closed and it does a great job. How good a job this does keeping my house clean, I do not need to do as much cleaning, and I have my maid that comes only once a month instead of twice a month big change, sure worth the money. I signed up with iRobot for a monthly fee that takes care of everything from replacement bags to anything else the vacuum needs, and the cost of the vacuum, well worth the money I pay monthly for it.

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2 months ago, Binarysamurai

J7/J8 Robot does exactly what I need it to do

Coming from the Neato D8 robot series to the iRobot J7/J8 robot series has been a great experience that I am grateful Neato went out of business and forced me to purchase iRobot vacuums. The interface is intuitive and does a good job at guiding you as a user through the process of setup, configuration, scheduling, and continuous improvement of the cleaning. The fact that I now have one app that controls both robot vacuums is a life saver and the auto-empty feature built into the charging station with the ability to empty bin less frequently has been a major game changer at my two story home with two dogs and a cat. But brass tacks, the J7/J8 robots just work. They start when they are supposed to start, clean where they are supposed to clean, and go back to their charge base/empty station when they are done. It’s exactly what I wanted out of a robot cleaning experience, less responsibility. No finding the robots stuck somewhere, no emptying the bin daily, no stuck brushes. Just a continuously clean tile floor provided by two robot vacuums that work like they are supposed to. Bravo iRobot!

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3 years ago, Stepheng67

Map editing locks ip and won’t always save

I have had the the Roomba s9+ and the Braava M6 for about a month now. After a month and several attempts, I think I finally got eack of them to map about 90% of the house. So far the units do not share the same map that I can figure out. Sharing maps would be helpful as the vacuum covers the house way faster and easier than the Braava M6. When editing the map the app attempts to save after every divider edit. Each save takes 45 seconds to a minute and often times out without saving. Adding exclusion zones is nearly impossible as the system times out after each attempt to save the zone. Much improvement is needed. On the devices themselves. I like that the s9 empties itself. The negative is that it cannot seem to crawl onto area rugs or mats to clean them-instead it just pushes them and many times just gets stuck. I used to have a Neato Botvac. It had no trouble climbing onto area rugs, bath mats or kitchen mats, but it did not empty itself. All in all I think the Neato cleaned better, but often needed it’s filter cleaned and dumped—thus the reason we changed to Roomba. Still not sure if it was the right choice. On the Braava M6-when you get it to wet mop it does a good job. It has a hard time climbing off of its base to get started. The wheels just spin on the plastic sometimes and I have to help it off to start.

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4 years ago, Gtsoccercpa

Series S9 Robot has series mapping / nav issues (do not buy)

We have had an Series S9 Robot for about a month and it has not completed a room let along an entire floor my house. We have gone through 4 factor resets and replaced the robot each with the same results. The robot is unable to clean a specific room let alone the entire house. We have completed a mapping run that takes 10+ hours and got a good map 3 of the 4 times. After the first vacuming event the map is updated to not reprsent our house. The robot goes to the wrong side of the house when sent to a specific room. Can’t find its way back to the base station and regularly dies vacuming the wrong area of the house. It also has spend 10 hours vacumming one room with completing. (It cover the room in a hour and then spend the rest of the time spinning in circles and banging into the same walls over and over again). The next run it goes lost and has naviation errors. I have spent more time with support than I can count. At this point they should be paying me to perform testing for them. Do not buy an S series robot. I keep hoping they will figure out a way to fix it or update the software, but support has had zero success. Currently waiting for a supervisor to follow up before I request a refund and return the unit. Hopefully somone beside tier one support wil read this note and follow up.

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1 year ago, Cade89

Just a bad app

Just installed this on iPad for the first time. It doesn’t support landscape. Why would an iPad app not be allowed to rotate? Can you please just open up your API so someone can make an app that’s actually usable? ————— This app has gotten worse over time. It’s incredibly slow ever since they added the functionality to set cleaning preferences for individual rooms. And moving any room divider will completely delete any saved favorite and Siri shortcut that room was used with. Sometimes it deletes the room itself from the map and says you have an unnamed room, just from moving the divider a few inches. There’s a setting that seems to have been buried for letting the size of the room determine how many cleaning passes are performed. It’s still there, but as far as I can tell serves no function because you can’t actually use it when setting a new favorite or creating a new job. The only options are 1 or 2 passes. The app also now shows an annoying little button floating at the bottom of the screen saying “🔔 New Message” every time I open it. But there is no message because I have all recommendations and offers notifications turned off. The alerts for my robot are still enabled though. So if someone disables marketing notifications, iRobot has decided to just annoy them into turning it back on. What a scummy tactic.

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8 months ago, higg31

Overall pleased

The mapping feature is pretty awesome and makes roomba super efficient being able to dock, empty/charge and then go back to where it left off. It’s not perfect and definitely can use some more development on how accurate what it thinks the house looks like vs what is the actual layout of rooms. These inaccuracies make setting up zones to vacuum and no go zones pretty clunky and I still just go and shut the doors of the rooms I don’t want it to go into when I leave the house. But still a very advanced feature. Excited at where this could lead to with a little more development. The self emptying is a huge upgrade as well. Just as the above notes on the mapping it isn’t perfect and does get annoying when it won’t empty on its own because it’s too full or it’s sucked up a pretzel stick or something that bridges across the hole and nothing can get out. Obviously when compared to emptying every bin with older models this is still leaps and bounds ahead. This will prolly never be a fool proof system but I imagine with a few minor design changes and several iterations this will also has potential to be way better than it is so far.

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2 years ago, JEF521

Best purchase!

I'm 77 and had considered hiring a cleaning service but found prices to be ridiculous. I can still clean but, with back issues, vacuuming was a problem. Roomba, compared to cleaning service, has already paid for itself and given me so much free time. And it's fun! I had heard, years ago, the Roomba didn't do a good job....well this one (i7) does a great job. I have the perfect home for a Roomba as it is able to go under most of my furniture. It's amazing to watch when it stops to think (?) and then moves on to a missed area. The mapping feature is phenomenal. I have favorite areas set up and split up how the vacuuming is done so I can prepare certain areas, which doesn't involve much. Counter stools (2) are placed on counter, floor basket in living area is picked up, rug by entry also picked up. I have changed things on the map a few times and now have it just about perfect for my use. Reviewing each job for obstacles (not many) helps as well. I will pick a favorite area and while Blue (her name) is working, I will either dust another room or go out. I would definitely buy another!

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10 months ago, thechalkychick

Helps Me Control Pet Hair

With three Labrador Retrievers, daily vacuuming is a must but pulling out a traditional vacuum every day does not always fit into the schedule. Scheduling the Roomba to run every morning has really made it possible to only need to deep vacuum once or twice a week. Plus, the ability to create “rooms” in the app has allowed me to create a room within a room (dog crate area within the living room), which is a tremendous help when they’re blowing out their coat. When that happens, by the end of a day, you can’t tell that their sleeping area was ever vacuumed so running it twice is helpful to control their shedding. Life in our house is definitely more pleasant with it. I also love that the app helps troubleshoot and keeps a check on when i need to service the Roomba or change out parts…otherwise this ADHD brain would likely never think about it…until maybe 2 am. There are things that aren’t “perfect”, like often hanging up on area rugs, but it’s convenience outweighs any cons by leaps and bounds. (And it’s fair to note that probably most of those cons are created by user error).

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9 months ago, David in Providence

Roomba is great, the app is not

I’ve had my roomba for about 2 years and love it, however, the app is another story. It is consistently glitchy and unresponsive, often taking an unusually long time to load and register taps. This has been the case for me over multiple devices, networks, app versions, etc. My friends who have roombas have experienced the same. Also, (coming from a designer) too many UX/UI elements are overly complicated and clunky. For instance, why does it take a minimum of 3 taps to toggle between # of vacuum passes? It should only take 1 tap. Often it takes even more since the app is glitchy and unresponsive. This is just one minor example, but is representative of an overall frustrating user experience, especially considering that this is an app from a major company for a higher end product. It seems that fundamental details in the app have been ignored while priority is given to adding “advanced” features that in real life make the app bloated and the experience even more awkward and slow since none of the features load or respond efficiently. I hope all of this is eventually addressed so that the app experience can be at the level of the physical product itself.

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3 years ago, Inandi

Roomba - the vacuum cleaner

We don’t have to vacuum manually at all since Roomba has been deployed. We are very happy with it’s performance. Apart from a few times getting stuck with wires or other objects we do not have to clean it out very often. I still suggest users to keep inspecting it and clean out once in a while to keep it performing at its best all the time. Noise level is tolerable but it’s up to us to manage when and how frequently it should clean so that it does not interfere while we are at home. Auto detect feature also available so that when you enter home it would stop vacuuming, although I haven’t used the feature yet. It would be nice to have at least a notification when the bin is full at the base station. It has been running for almost 10 months now. I hope it continues to work without breaking any parts for at least 5 years. Then it will be worth the money spent. We sure love a good reliable product that works with minimal maintenance for at least 5 years. Thanks To the great Innovators and Engineers who are working behind this great product. Salute!

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2 years ago, Enthous

real iPad app please

It doesn’t matter how well this app works, any iPad app that only works in portrait mode gets no more than 3 ⭐️, so that’s its start value. If that seems harsh, I’d ask the developers to try using it while attached to a Smart Keyboard. I have other apps that do nothing more than flip the display 90º when in landscape orientation. It’s not much but at least it’s readable. That said, with regards to function, I’ve already wished I could tell it to cancel a session immediately. So far I can just pause and it tells me how long I have to wait before it’s cancelled. It also doesn’t seem to have the updated name for my device (just calls it Roomba, which is not its name). The name shows up in a lot of places, but not in the data for my registered devices. I also would like the option of some notifications. I have a multi-story house and would like a notification (preferably controlled in the job/favorite itself) that tells me when it’s done on another floor so I can get it and put it back on its base, or do another floor. I realize that some people wouldn’t want these bugging them at work but that’s why it needs to be a setting with the job definition — I too don’t want to see notifications when a job completes on the floor where the base is.

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10 months ago, TheonlyB-Rare

Not what I expected

The convenience of a smart vacuum is nice when you think about it but the areas that accumulate the most dirt and dust are areas the vacuum can’t/won’t get to but that is not a negative of the equipment. The negatives I have to point out is that when doing research for automated vacuums the main reason I went with this model was because i found it was the best at handling animal hair. That was found out to be not as expected. If this device handles animal hair the best I don’t want to know what other products do. This vacuum just wraps the hair around the spinning brush and spits out clumps of hair everywhere, that’s if it doesn’t just make a big knot and get stuck. Then if just compiles layers of hair on the main rollers such as a normal vacuum does and within a few minutes of vacuuming it needs to be cleaned. When I have to maintenance the vacuum every 2-5 minutes it pretty much cancels out the fact of it being automated. The vacuum always tells me “empty the bin” when I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to empty itself. I have had this vacuum replaced once due to lack of suction and ability to do a proper clean without spitting hairballs all over my house. It has not solved the problem and seems to be just a design flaw or a marketing mistake that it can handle animal hair.

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2 years ago, B Schwen

Great App & Robo-vac System

Very impressed so far with this vacuuming system and app. Running the j7 currently and have a backup i3 for my second level. Have it all hooked up via Alexa too which is nice and one of the more detailed “skills” I have ever used. Seems like iRobot continues to add features and improve upon their software pretty regularly. Be patient as your Roomba learns your house, it will truly get “smarter” as it covers more ground and gets in the swing of things: Becoming more practical than it is just out of the box. I ended up buying my in-laws a 600 series as well for Xmas since I was so impressed. I have disabilities and this saves me a lot of physical pain from using a manual vac. I will say though, If you plan on buying something more than the 600 series, skip i3 and go to j7. The 600 is great for feeling around your smaller apartment or home, but the mapping in the j7 is a game changer if you got the coin to upgrade- little benefit of going ‘’middle of the road” model I’ve found. Overall though, I’ve been very impressed with all iRobot hardware & software I’ve tried, especially my j7!

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2 years ago, Gramma2five

Better than expected

My husband ask for iRobot roomba for Christmas. He has everything and grown kids happy to have an idea. He has a large Rottweiler that lives with him in his man cave. He has to vacuum rest of house ( over 3000 sq ft) once a week because of all the black dog hair. It’s been an ongoing problem since he brought the dog home. He decided this roomba was his answer. He had raved about it since he got it, decided I needed one for the rest of the house(knowing it might quiet me about the dog hair), I thought he was just trying to get out of vacuuming. He went to Costco brought me my own. I have furniture everywhere. Plants, throw rugs, I really didn’t think this would work for me. I have got to say, I am shocked at how well this thing works! She goes around everything! I am loving her! I have scheduled her to vacuum 3x a week. She even goes back to her base to empty her bin! I still get out my old vacuum to do behind doors and closets, but this girl goes under tables, beds, she is very thorough. If you are on the fence, don’t be. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. My husband is too!

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3 months ago, MBO51

Great robot.

Upgraded from an iRobot S7+{?). We were real happy for iRobot’s excellent customer care and quality of parts. Using real iRobot parts, but I’m a cheapskate and try to used cheaper parts when possible. Unfortunately, replacement parts from generic manufacturers don’t always work so I’m buying iRobot arts more and more often. We upgraded to the s7 combo plus. This one has a high cool factor in that the mop is integrated into the vacuum and drops under the machine and it then proceeds to mop the smooth floor. The machine can tell when it is on a moppable floor and won’t deploy if it detects a carpet. If you want to clean and double mop the floor, it’s as easy as changing the preferences for a floor. We have tried several different soaps and waxes and have found it best to use the wax/soap sparingly. That saves the floor from getting sticky the shoe soles on your feet. If you want to clean it and remove the stickiness, simply add a bit more water and mop again. In brief, this is a well-designed device with plenty of power to do a good job that looks clean and fresh.

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6 months ago, CMC123456779

Pretty convenient

The first roomba I had stopped picking up well, after trouble shooting with the company we decided to have a new one sent out. Dealing with the company is great. The vaccum itself had been wonderful until it didn’t pick up well. Trouble shooting is all common sense and took forever on the phone, but they were just trying to help. The new Roomba doesn’t pick up well on my rug where the dogs usually lay. I have tried to run it twice and even vaccumed with my stick vaccum in the morning while using the roomba in the evening (I have dogs so the hair built back up a little). I believe it is refurbished as that is the only reason it would be different than the first. I am highly disappointed with this. The first one would make my rug look amazing after one session. I’m not calling back the company because I don’t even know what to say at this point and to go through the trouble shooting process while possibly ending up with another problem is not something I want to do. It does pick up “pretty”well in most areas so I don’t know. Another thought to add is I would HIGHLY suggest to spring for the extra accessory of self clean. I wish I had.

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4 years ago, Hwlfh34762746

Good but there is a BUG

I have owned several roombas over the years. I recently purchased a 675 during Black Friday. This was the first roomba I owned that could connect to WiFi and be controlled by this app. Recently, I noticed that the battery indicator about the “Clean” button within the app showed the battery level a little less than 50%. Initially, I thought that maybe this roomba may just need a long time to charge, and the bar wouldn’t move until the roomba was on its charger for a while. After a night of charging (and it said it was charging), the battery level indicator within the app was at the same level. I thought maybe the roombas battery was defective, but I ran it for a full job (around and hour and 45 minutes) with no issues. So after that, I believe that there is a bug in the app which doesn’t show the true battery level of the robot. I really enjoy the roomba app and the bot itself, but hope this can be fixed. I typically decide how frequently to use the roomba based on battery life, and my new 675 doesn’t have a flashing battery light when sitting on the charger like some of the older models I have owned. iRobot, please fix this issue. Other than this, the product is great.

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6 years ago, stalegamertag

Very unimpressed

Okay. So I got a new roomba 800 yesterday because I’m lazy and I hate vacuuming. And the box said that it could connect to an app on WiFi? So I’m like “yes. The epitome of laziness. I don’t have to bend down to press the clean button. I just have to click a button on my phone” so I downloaded the app. And started it up. It’s like “okay. Find a place for roomba with a strong WiFi connection and a clean area” so I did just that. Then it asked me to name my roomba. I named it stabby. And then it asked me to press the home and the button with a plus sign with a circle on it at the same time for two seconds and I’ll hear a noise. I pressed the buttons. No noise but it did turn on so I continued forward. It told me to look for a roomba/iRobot thing in the WiFi settings on my phone. So I did. But nothing showed up. So I tried pressing the buttons again for two seconds. Nothing. I tried for ten minutes. Still nothing. I moved right next to the router. And tried for another 20. Nothing. So I said “you know what. It’s midnight. I’m tired. Let’s do this in the morning.” So I did. When I pulled up the app, it told me that the app was down and to try again later. I did. And I didn’t get any farther than I did yesterday. So I put my roomba on a test run. Lil stabby works like a charm. This app is a dud. Save yourself a few wasted hours and don’t download it.

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3 years ago, KatPSU95

Where are the diagnostic errors in the app?

Took one star off because although I get the error notifications on my phone (push notifications) I would expect to go into the app and be able to retrieve the error that way and get more information. Although the actual robot is with my elderly mom, I have the app so I can start it when I know she’s not home. It also allows me to get notified when there’s an error so I can fix it when I visit (for example the roller got tangled with something). But since I might not address the error right away (I don’t live with her) I ignore the notification that comes up. Few days later when I’m at her house, I expect to go into the history of the app and find the error and troubleshooting information but I can’t find it anywhere. I actually just wanted to report this or talk to someone in app support but all the support contacts lead to the roomba device support not the app support. Just seems like something that I’m missing. The app obviously has the information, I can see it in the push notifications. Why is it not available in the app under history or some other logical area?

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3 years ago, Widakahicness

Automatic Cleaning

I can’t give 5 stars because it’s not perfect. It can never find its way back from one of the rooms in my home, and sometimes it can’t figure out how to get there either. However, this is a night and day improvement over the traditional method of vacuuming. Telling Alexa to clean the mess by the coach and then watching it happen is like something out of the Jetsons and far more likely to happen then the alternative; me getting off the couch, walking downstairs to the utility closet, carrying the vacuum upstairs, finding the closest outlet, cleaning the mess, emptying the bin, and finally returning the vacuum to the closet. In other words I can 100% overlook the occasional error or issue where I might have to “rescue” Roomba and bring it back to its home, in exchange for more frequent cleaning that is actually kind of fun to watch. Even moving it downstairs once a week to get the bedrooms seems really easy (and for some reason even though it’s larger and there are more rooms downstairs it never gets stuck). It could be proximity to the router. It seems to know pretty quickly that you have moved the home base though and it keeps track on the correct map.

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7 months ago, guesswho!!

Great App! Two Feature Requests

This is a great App, which let‘s you control your Roomba etc. (set schedules, define work areas) and customize your floor plan (keep out zones and cleaning areas). After each clean the you can review the completed job to check how well it was done and to look at photos Roomba took to define obstacles found. All in all really great and straightforward. I have two feature requests though: (1) Please program a ‚cancel job‘ option that let‘s you stop the current job without having your Roomba return to the home base and empty. There are several reason why this is a must have feature that I won‘t explain in detail. Just check forums on Reddit etc (I am not alone). (2) Please program the App so it can rotate. I use my iPad in landscape view in a fixed stand and it is annoying that only for this App I have to remove the stand and rotate the iPad to portrait view. iPads are mostly used in landscape view, iPhones are mostly used in portrait view. If you don‘t support rotate, then at least the App should support the standard view of the respective device.

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2 years ago, djzah

pretty awesome

we have had a few robot vacuums. we had the roomba and it did pretty good but pet hair from our two dogs would keep causing it to error and we would have to untangle the hair from the brushes/rollers ever few minutes so it would resume. we moved to a shark (since the reviews were so high and it was cheaper) and its been the worse robot vacuum ever. the schedule would say vacuum every day at 9am and it would never work. it got caught on the simplest of things. called support which was very friendly but a waste of time as they walk u through resetting back to factory and starting over (which didn't fix it) so we gave it away. this iRobot works awesome with the dog hair. does an excellent job of getting in corners. it only cleans our hardwood floors. ONLY complaint is battery only lasts (on avg) 40min. and not a fan of having to replace the vacuum base bags because they are not cheap but again, not perfect as it does get hung on a few things but it at least tries to untangle itself. i would recommend to any of my friends or family.

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2 years ago, dcone1948


I had an older Roomba that did a great job but the way my house is configured the unit had a hard time finding “home”. This new unit does the entire house and during the cleaning process when the battery gets low it docks itself, recharges and continues where it left off. You can literally set, cancel, or change the time you want the unit to start (and if necessary, you can stop the unit remotely with your phone app.). It does a great job. I use it everyday and I am amazed how much cat hair and dirt Roomba collects every time. Since I’ve begun using this product (remember I had one before the 960) my carpets look much better and I feel confident they are much cleaner. I have eight cats that are in and out all day and sleep inside at night. I don’t know how I made it without my “Roomie”as I call it. The only two short comings I’ve found are when the iboto cloud is down you cannot operate it remotely and the floor needs to be free of cat toys. They will easily get stuck between the rollers and stop the machine. I plan to buy the kitchen floor cleaner/mop next.

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3 years ago, LizaBouchard

Who knew a vacuum could change your life

So my roomba who I have fondly named Harvey (as in the invisible rabbit in the 1950 James Stewert movie) and myself had a bit of a learning curve for the first week of our relationship. He kept getting stuck, tangled and ran out of battery before he could make it back to his burrow to charge. Then the most magnificent thing happened. I learned what needed to be moved or blocked off, my daughter learned to pick up her legos nightly and I moved the burrow (charger) to a more central location in my apartment. Now like clockwork when I leave the house on MWF off Harvey hops and vacuums up the misc things that accumulate on my floor (mostly pet hair and leaves from my house plants and they come in from the outside on our shoes). I used to vacuum 2-3 times a week with my dye on stick vacuum but now, dearest Harvey does it three times a week and even gets places that I was too lazy or ill equipped to reach. I empty the auto bin about once a month. Magic in my book. Thanks to some amazing talented engineers, I have one less chore to do.

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11 months ago, Sharon Ewing

Visually impaired customer for over 15 years

I have to let you know that because the inception of the robot has taken the blind community in many places by storm. We truly appreciate that when we clean we can have something to either go behind us or clean first and then we clean. It is how you use it and when you use it that are so many customizable situation‘s. It would be difficult to name them. I want to thank you for improving everything. I wish it talked more and we had that option. I will tell you that is a big request. We want it to say rather than just make noise. Making noise still helps so don’t take that away, but if it’s spoke, what was going on more often and gave more descriptions instead of error numbers, we would really appreciate it. Other than that I can’t think of a better device that has happened in the last 15 years then to be able to run a device that will help you assist you with cleaning not necessarily clean everything but assist. Thank you.

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1 year ago, Chainspell

Slow, clunky bad app.

While iRobot has good designs for their devices, the app needs serious work. It is insanely slow to load or save any settings. Trying to edit the map is infuriating. Every change takes 30-60 seconds. It needs to periodically updated because the borders will drift over time and your room dividers become inaccurate. Sometimes you get the perfect straight edge position and save it and the map automatically puts it as some horrible angle, so you have to start over... Or you edit and existing divider and upon saving it a duplicate is made so now you have two rooms overlapping each other. You should be able to make all changes at once quickly in app then push all the changes once instead of one at a time. Also the room dividers span across the house. So any kind of non-square room or floor plan causes problems and you have to split rooms in two (e.g. Dining Room 1 and Dining Room 2 - two halves to one real Dining Room) and make a combination of clean zones just to have one room cleaned correctly. Lastly changing a room dividers will also sometimes randomly delete a separate nearby divider, messing up your labels. This also ruins your schedule by the way. Bad design.

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10 months ago, mpls55412

Good vacuum, software not great

I’ve owned an i3 and an i7 for about 2 and a 1/2 years. Our biggest complaint with the i3 was its inability to remember an obstacle such as an in floor air return and it would get stuck on it every few days. We bought the i7 6 months after the i3 in hopes that it’s “intelligent, learning” abilities would recognize places it has gotten stuck and avoid them. I can say after 2 years the robot is no smarter than the i3. Our i3 has been less problematic as a whole. The only noticeable difference is the i7 more accurately identities a given room. Short of that, the i7 makes the same strange choices the i3 does, gets stuck in the same place the i3 did and avoids/navigates no better. Had I known this 2 years ago, I would not have bought the i7. We continue to enjoy our 2 Roomba’s though are uncertain we would buy another if one of the two dies. The J7 appears to navigate in-floor based obstacles the same as the i7 and we keep a tidy house so the obstacle avoidance AI isn’t a needed feature for us. These are good robots. We used to own Neato products who did have better navigation skills but were deeply unreliable.

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2 years ago, Taopaths

Great little machine

I bet that the very first o r when they came out years ago. To my surprise, the battery died, they sent me a brand new vacuum. Husband got the vacuum in the divorce. Lol. I debated over the self empty and the there options. It’s not hard to empty bin but why not let it do for. It is designed to give you more time and less chores. The machine is great. I live 2 blocks from the beach and even after kicking shoes, we still get sand in house. I tried a test. You swept the home, Vinny laminate planks, and swept it into a dust pan. The. I Floors felt good to walk on barefoot. The I let, Robby, my vacuum do it’s thing. It picked up so much stuff. Wow! I still had stuff on floors. Ps I have 2 birds that constantly throw food or it spills seed all vet floor. Headache! Now I don’t have to deal with that. I also have a rug and front and back doors and an area rug in living room and he vacuums them with zero problems. I also bought the met but I haven’t set up to use it. I think I’ll do it tonight. I hope it’s as good as the vacuum. 💯❤️💯❤️

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TOTAL CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Take charge of your cleaning routine, no matter where you are with the easy-to-use iRobot Home App. With advanced mapping capabilities, cleaning schedules, personalized recommendations, product health dashboard, and intuitive smart home integrations, the iRobot Home App has been thoughtfully designed to give you ultimate control over your clean.* YOUR HOME. YOUR CLEAN. Create custom cleaning schedules and favorite cleaning routines. Get personalized cleaning recommendations based on what’s happening in and around your home. You can even tell your robot to clean while you’re away thanks to smart home integrations or Location Services. INTUITIVE SMART MAPPING. On its first run, your robot maps your home and automatically segments & labels each room for you. Further personalize your map by creating Keep Out Zones, No Mop Zones, and Clean Zones that allow you to clean specific rooms and objects or tell your robot where not to clean. Powered by iRobot OS, your robot continually learns your home and offers zone recommendations for a more precise clean. CLEANS ON YOUR COMMAND. Pair your robot with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant-enabled devices** to clean with a simple voice command. Tell it to “vacuum & mop the kitchen” or “vacuum near the couch” and it goes right into action. You can also set schedules, stop cleaning, and more via voice. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CLEAN. Different messes call for different cleaning settings. Easily choose to vacuum or vacuum & mop, adjust suction and water levels, determine number of cleaning passes or boost scrubbing power with SmartScrub. Each room can have its unique settings, so they get the exact cleaning they need. DOES THE PLANNING. DOES THE CLEANING. Scheduling Dirt Detective is all it takes to have your floor cleaning expertly planned each day. Dirt Detective, powered by iRobot OS, learns from past cleaning missions, map data, and user inputs to provide cleaning insights with options to automatically prioritize dirtier rooms, and adjust settings by room like suction, scrubbing and cleaning passes. ALWAYS GETTING SMARTER. Your robot will stay up to date with automatic software updates, when available. REQUIREMENTS: • Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 600, 800 and e Series vacuuming robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band • Roomba® and Roomba Combo® i1, i2, i3, i4, & i5 robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band • Roomba® and Roomba Combo® i6, i7, & i8 robot models support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band • Roomba® and Roomba Combo® s and j Series and Braava jet® m series robots support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band • Braava jet® 240 mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built into most common mobile devices * Feature availability varies by robot model ** Works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant-enabled devices. Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC. Siri is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions

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