Solo Leveling: ARISE Review: Ascend Hunters and Conquer Gates (2024)

Solo Leveling: ARISE is a game that draws inspiration from the popular Solo Leveling Manhwa and anime series as an action RPG. I have played the game since its early access phase and in this Solo Leveling: ARISE Review, I will focus on fairly assessing its overall quality and its effectiveness as a game inspired by a well-known manhwa series.

I’ve invested nearly a month in steadily playing Solo Leveling: ARISE, accumulating a considerable amount of experience and achieving proficiency in various stages. I’ve unlocked numerous content pieces that demanded dedicated playtime. To thoroughly assess the game, I extensively tested it on my iPhone 11 and also played it on my PC. This ensured I explored all its features and could provide a comprehensive analysis of the game.

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Solo Leveling: ARISE provides satisfying hack-and-slash gameplay with some grind

For writing this review, I’ve been diving deep into the gameplay of Solo Leveling: ARISE and found it surprisingly engaging, especially with its hack-and-slash mechanics. Controlling Sung Jin-woo feels satisfying, thanks to the dynamic combat system that allows for fluid combos and strategic maneuvers. However, there are some notable drawbacks to consider.

For instance, the game’s progression systems, such as the artifacts system, can be frustrating due to limited daily attempts and RNG elements. Leveling up can also be a slow and grind-heavy process, with end-game content feeling somewhat lacking in variety and depth. Despite these shortcomings, exploring dungeons and battling monsters remains a highlight, offering enjoyable challenges and rewards.

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Despite its flaws, I still find exploring dungeons and battling monsters to be the best parts of Solo Leveling: ARISE. It gives me fun challenges and rewards when I succeed. Even though the progression system isn’t perfect, it feels good when I get stronger gear and improve my skills. Plus, the game does a great job of staying true to the Solo Leveling story, which is a big bonus for fans like me.

Overall, Solo Leveling: ARISE has some good parts with its fun gameplay and nice graphics. However, it also has some problems like being too grindy and not having enough content for advanced players but the roadmap seems to bring a lot of features in the future. It’s a good game if you’re a fan of Solo Leveling and enjoy hack-and-slash games, but it could be better with more variety and depth in its gameplay.

Solo Leveling: ARISE captures the storyline from its popular Webtoon series

I found that the game does an excellent job of bringing the storyline from the Webtoon series to life. It feels like I’m experiencing the story firsthand as I progress through the game. I particularly enjoy how the game starts with the system and shows Sung Jin Woo acquiring his iconic weapons, just like in the manhwa. The enemies he faces are also familiar, following the same storyline and quests, which adds to the overall satisfaction of the game’s storyline.

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The visuals in Solo Leveling: ARISE are truly impressive, closely resembling the vibrant art style of the Webtoon series. The character designs, especially Sung Jin Woo‘s weapons and the appearances of characters like Choi Jong-In and Cha Hae-In, are meticulously detailed and visually striking. The game’s attention to detail, from voice acting to overall audio quality, further enhances the storytelling experience and makes it feel like I’m part of Sung Jin Woo’s journey.

The graphics and audio blend well with the webtoon’s setting

Solo Leveling: ARISE brings its own unique graphics style to the table, with an anime-inspired look that stands out from other games. What’s impressive is how closely the character designs in the game resemble those from the manhwa. When you compare the faces of characters in the manhwa and the game, they’re highly identical, which deserves praise.

The game’s visuals, especially during combat with visually striking skills, contribute to an immersive experience. However, there’s room for improvement in terms of smoothness during gameplay, especially to match the fast-paced action of the anime.

Moving on to the audio aspect, Solo Leveling: ARISE delivers a good experience. The voiceovers are decent, adding depth to character interactions and events. Combat skill sounds are well-executed, making battles more engaging. The game also shines in terms of character skills and their corresponding sounds, especially during Quick Time Events (QTEs). Additionally, the interactions between party members through voice lines create a lively atmosphere that enhances the overall enjoyment of the game.

In conclusion, Solo Leveling: ARISE offers a visually appealing experience with its unique anime-style graphics that closely resemble the manhwa’s character designs. The skill effects may have some small hiccups but they still manage to capture the essence of the action-packed anime series.

The audio aspects, including voiceovers and combat sounds, contribute to an immersive experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of the game. Despite some areas for improvement, Solo Leveling: ARISE succeeds in bringing the beloved Solo Leveling universe to life for fans to enjoy.

The in-game Character Design is highly innovative

I admire how the developers of Solo Leveling: ARISE came up with unique ideas for each hunter’s combat abilities. It’s fascinating how they managed to make these skills work seamlessly with the characters’ personalities.

For instance, seeing Hwang Dongsoo perform concrete pillar slams and Seo Jiwoo execute Water Dragon Strikes adds so much style and originality to their combat styles. It’s like they’ve expanded on the character’s abilities in a way that feels true to the Solo Leveling universe while also bringing something fresh to the table.

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What impresses me even more is how they’ve avoided diluting the essence of each character while enhancing their combat abilities. Take Park Beom-Shik, for example, his Ultimate Skill reflects his survival narrative perfectly, which brings his character into the game.

This level of creativity not only makes the gameplay more enjoyable but also makes us appreciate these characters more as fans of the game, making Solo Leveling: ARISE a truly innovative and immersive experience.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Controls and UI is not much of a problem

The controls in Solo Leveling: ARISE are generally smooth and responsive, and I haven’t encountered many issues with them. They provide a good level of control over my character’s movements and actions, contributing to an enjoyable gaming experience. However, there’s still room for improvement to optimize them further and make them more intuitive.

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Regarding the user interface (UI), it’s well-designed and functional. The overall layout and text readability are good, making it easy to navigate through menus and options. However, one minor drawback is that some skill effects and other visual elements during combat can be too small to notice, which can sometimes impact the overall clarity when in high-intensity fights.

The in-game Gacha System brings decent chances albeit being a gacha

The Gacha System in Solo Leveling: ARISE has its positives and negatives. On the positive side, the Draw Support mechanic, similar to a Pity system, guarantees an SSR item after a set number of draws, which can be reassuring for players.

The incremental increase in SSR chances as you approach the 80-draw mark is also a nice touch, providing players with a higher likelihood of obtaining rare items before reaching the guarantee. Additionally, the Selection Draw Rate Up List offers a chance to get powerful SSR hunters and weapons, with the flexibility to change the list based on preferences or ownership.

However, one potential downside is the reliance on RNG to obtain desirable items. While the guaranteed SSR after 80 draws is helpful, it can still feel like a long process for some players. Additionally, the rates for obtaining SSR items may not always feel balanced, leading to varying experiences among players.

Overall, while the Gacha System in Solo Leveling: ARISE has its benefits, it also comes with the inherent unpredictability and potential frustrations associated with RNG-based mechanics similar to other gacha titles.

Final Verdict

In my general assessment, Solo Leveling: ARISE presents an enjoyable gaming experience characterized by engaging combat mechanics and a compelling narrative. Visually, the game impresses with its vibrant graphics and attention to detail, complemented by a well-executed audio design that brings characters to life.

The innovative character design brings depth to gameplay, although the Gacha System may not be the best and may pose challenges for some players. Despite these considerations, Solo Leveling: ARISE remains a solid choice for fans of the series seeking a good action RPG adventure.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7

Storyline - 8.5

Graphics and Music - 8

Character Design - 8.5

Controls and UI - 7

Free-to-Play Elements - 6



Solo Leveling: ARISE allows you to live your life as Sung Jin-woo, offering an immersive gaming experience with a captivating storyline that stays true to the original webtoon

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Solo Leveling: ARISE Review: Ascend Hunters and Conquer Gates (2024)


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